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Post  Himeko Katagiri Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:26 pm

As this forum is growing I think it would be smart to set up some rules for the forum.

♥ No being mean to the other users.
.....♥ Don't say someone's music is terrible or crap, give constructive criticism.
.....♥ Joking around is fine unless the person being joked around with becomes upset then stop.
.....♥ Be nice! Treat others how you would treat your waifu (unless if that means rape)

♥ Various other rules
.....♥ No CP, we are lolicons not pedophiles.
.....♥ Keep hentai and ecchi in Hell's Pit. If you do not have Hell's Pit access message Himeko Katagiri (me) and I will give you access
.......... - Albums covers are excluded from this. You can still post your pornographic album covers in the music threads. Just make sure you either censor all nudity or hide it in a spoiler and say nsfw cover.
.....♥ Don't get offended. This is a lolicore forum! We are the offenders not the offended.
.....♥ No posting other people's music as your own.
.....♥ No spamming completely unrelated things like movie tickets, how to make your dick bigger, how you can make $100s working from home, etc. Spammers and spambots will be removed .
.....♥ No legit religion bashing, racism, sexism, etc.
..........- Being silly with your song titles is a-ok~!
.....♥ Start threads in the correct subforum.

If you have any suggestions for rules just say so.
Himeko Katagiri
Himeko Katagiri

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